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Online Medical and Dental History Submission for Patients

Dr. Keith D. Rossein

Dentistry Today – September, 2008
"Many design and development companies for dental practice Web sites include PDF forms that patients can download, complete, and bring to the office during their first appointment. While this is more convenient for patients than filling out these questionnaires in the reception area, the dentist still receives forms that are often illegible with the need to retype the information or to scan the forms in order to store them electronically. The service Submit Patient Forms ( is another on-line service that requires a minimal financial investment."

Submitting Patient Information Online is Simple, Secure and Time Saving

Dr. Keith D. Rossein

The Profitable Dentist – Spring, 2008
"And, this antiquated process is a burden to your office staff. It’s not uncommon for the patient to make several interrupting trips to the front desk to ask your office manager questions about the questions. When the often illegible forms are returned by the patient, your staff first goes to work. Some offices scan the forms and store them in the patient document center of their practice management software. Other practices retype all of the information into the electronic patient chart (only takes from 15-20 minutes). The good news is that there is a better way. It’s a website called [Fig. 1] that provides an inexpensive online service to dental practices so that their patients (unlimited number) can complete their paperwork before they come in for their first appointment."

HIPAA,Marianne Matthews Health History Forms Online

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Rehab Management Today – June 6, 2008
" is an Internet service that allows an unlimited number of patients to fill out HIPAA forms, personal and insurance information, and medical histories online before coming in for an appointment. Practices can link the forms directly from a Web site or may use the service without having a Web site. It saves valuable staff time, and provides legible forms. Practices can validate patient insurance coverage and “red flag” medical problems before they arrive."

Patient Web site takes the pain out of health forms (Practice Dynamics: Governance, Mission, Growth)

Marianne Matthews

Imaging Economics – October 1, 2007
"A new web site offers patients privacy, convenience, and plenty of time to complete and submit important health care forms before they even enter your office. is an Internet service that allows an unlimited number of patients to fill out their HIPAA forms, personal and insurance information, and medical histories online—in their own homes —before coming to your facility for their appointment. Free of charge to patients, the web site calls itself "hi-tech, professional, and a practice builder." For busy imaging centers, the web site is one way to streamline administrative services and free up staff. Practices can link the forms directly from their web site or can use the SubmitPatientForms service even without having their own web site."
"As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of Dentforms and their digital patient forms. One of the best features of the software are the online patient forms, where a patient can fill out the forms on their computer at home and have that sent automatically to the practice.While it's a great system, the price tag can be a bit high for some new practices. Enter Submit Patient Forms, which provides a similar service, but for a very economical fee for a valubale service."

Online patient registration tools can save time, boost revenue, but come with caveats

Part B News – December 20, 2010 Vol 24, Issue 48

"About half of new patients opt for the online submission, which is powered by a website called The top benefit is legible documentation, which all but eliminates data entry errors for patients who fill out forms online...


Beyond legible documentation, his service also outputs completed forms in a variety of image, PDF and spreadsheet formats that can be imported into some practice management systems (PMSs) and electronic health record (EHR) systems."